our history

We founded Immeubles Karmel in 1992 with a single vision in mind: to prioritize our residents’ comfort, security, and happiness by providing tranquil living spaces in the heart of our vibrant, beautiful city.

about us

Without people to fill it with warmth, moments, and memories, a house cannot become the home it’s meant to be. That’s why the Karmel team puts people first. We don’t just believe that prioritizing our tenants’ comfort is the key to success – we know it is.

When we create respectful relationships with each of our partners, whether they are residents, property owners, or investors, everyone wins. Clear communication, transparency, and a sense of mutual understanding leads to priorities being honoured, issues being resolved, and renting experiences that exceed expectations on all fronts.

So, how do we do it? It all starts with a team of dedicated teammates. All of our employees are accountable to each other, working towards the common goal of setting the bar for excellence in client care.