our history

We founded Immeubles Karmel in 1992 with a single vision in mind: to prioritize our residents’ comfort, security, and happiness by providing tranquil living spaces in the heart of our vibrant, beautiful city.

about us


Our primary activities involve investing in, managing, developing and re-developing multi-family complexes and commercial retail spaces, which are run by four separate departments (property management, maintenance & repairs, construction management and administration).


Immeubles Karmel understands the importance of feeling at home. We work wholeheartedly to provide our clients with the best experience possible, as well as to enrich their entire lifestyle. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than knowing that we are contributing to the well-being of society.

Our vision is to become global leaders in community-building.



We base all of our interpersonal relationships on trust, compassion and caring. The creation of community, family and professional environments where our exchanges take place in a collaborative and safe spirit is the highest priority of our company.


Taking initiative, perseverance and concern for others are qualities we seek, to inspire and influence the people we serve and with whom we collaborate in order to have a positive impact on their lives and be the reference in the real estate market.


It is thanks to our discipline, rigor and reliability that we stand out and that we are recognized for the quality of our services and respect our commitments with complete integrity.